Flower Barn Nursery has been Family owned and operated since 1985.


Flower Barn Nursery sells only the best. Most of our plants are grown by Michigan Farmers and our straw and firewood are all from Michigan as well.


We sell only the best quality.  Visit us regularly, as we receive truckloads of new shipments daily, even for our fish room.


​Enjoy one stop shopping with;


Annuals * Perennials* Trees & Shrubs* Fertilizers* Pesticides* Soil & Mulch* Sod* Garden Decor* Tools* Metal Art* Inflatables* Fish Food* Aquariums* Corals* Freshwater & Saltwater Fish* Lighting* Live Food* Aquarium Supplies* Exotic Wood* Landscaping Rock* And MORE!

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best quality products, fish and plants to make your home, garden & aquarium as beautiful as possible. 


We carry quality supplies from the best names in the industry, including: