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It's back...

Water change wednesdays

Every Wednesday our RO/DI water and our pre-mixed Reef Crystals water are on sale!


.10 cents a gal


Reef Crystals

.75 cents a gal


our ro/di system

sale prices

Why choose us?

    We are one of the few who sell actual RO/DI water. (If the store you're getting it from can't show you their Reverse Osmosis system, you are likely getting tap water sold as RO/DI).  RO water is essential in all Saltwater aquariums and even some freshwater setups. It provides you with the purest form of water with no additives or chemicals. 

    We have one of the largest RO/DI systems and ensure that we will always have plenty of water for all of your aquarium needs. And as a bonus, its self-serve in the front of our store for your convenience!

    Our saltwater is also self-serve and located in the front of the store. Just bring your own buckets (or buy one here) to fill up and take home with you. Our saltwater is Reef Crystals by Instant Ocean and we keep the salinity (Sg) at 1.025, so you never have to worry about inconsistencies

    So stop in today and pick up your water, or wait until Wednesday and get it on sale!


.35 cents a gal


Reef Crystals

.95 cents a gal

Regular prices

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